Quality Seafood MarketQuality Seafood Market is a locally owned seafood restaurant and retail store located in downtown Elizabeth City, NC offering a variety of fresh seafood along with a full menu of North Carolina homestyle dinners.

Our Retail Market

In retail section of Quality Seafood Market you will find full service shop selling fish, shrimp, crab meat, oysters, clams and more. Along with our wide selection of seafood we carry all the oil, breaders and condiments needed to cook up the perfect seafood dinner at home.

Quality Seafood RestaurantOur Restaurant

At our restaurant our focus is simple, delicious seafood at an affordable price. When visiting you will place your order at the counter and will be given a number. After ordering, while waiting you can fix your own drinks and find a comfortable place in our dining area.  Once your order is ready your number will be called.  We also offer take out services as well as a drive through for the seafood lovers on the go.

Restaurant Menu